Sensitive Information and Confidentiality

Sensitive Information is information of a confidential or proprietary nature that could potentially expose the Client to legal action, or information could have a potentially financial impact on the Client, the person seeking linguistic services, or another person or entity.

We are aware that during our work we may be exposed to sensitive, highly sensitive or maybe even classified documents, which should not be divulged to other parties. You are kindly requested to pay special attention to avoid leaking these potentially risky documents. Take all necessary measures to do so, including using antivirus software, firewall, complex passwords of your email address/system, and even deleting the file(s) after your return, and from your system.

We should make every effort, in regard to the electronic form of the services, to keep all documents and Client information absolutely confidential.

Information relating to the services, the nature of the services and any information the Customer transmits to us should be treated with complete confidentiality. We should not publicly or privately divulge in any way this information.